The WACO 10

A Classic Full-Scale Aviation Racer

Written by Roy Day Find the entire feature on page 34 in the July 2011 issue. Read an abridged summary relating to the article.

I've always liked biplanes, and particularly admire those by WACO. Years ago I designed and built a glow-powered model of the UPF-7. I flew it for many years and thought it was one of the best-flying models I had designed. The WACO 10 is somewhat simpler in design, with nearly identical straight wings and a truss-design fuselage. This electric-powered version also flies well and is relatively easy to build.
As for the construction, the top and bottom wings are nearly identical; they have the same ribs, spares, center sheeting, and wingtips. However, the psan of the bottom wing is slightly shorter than that of the top; the bottom has 2 1/2 degrees of dihedral and ailerons; the top wing as no dihedral. Begin by making the 28....
read more on page 34 in the July 2011 issue of Model Aviation.

photo from the WACO 10 build article

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On the flying field I see so many jets and helicopters, it's great to see beautiful biplanes like this getting coverage. These classics are great to fly!

First let me say I am happy to be able to view current Model Aviation articles on line and then read up to date comments by modelers. I have a Waco 10 kit in my shop that I have been sitting on for at least 15 years...maybe I will get it out and work on it now! I prefer biplanes and that turns out to be a great thing because so does my wife. If I bring home or build a new monoplane or helicopter she will likely say, "nice, did you need that, don't you have one like that, or where are you going to put this one?" But if I bring home even the homeliest biplane she will generally say, "What a nice bipe, I like it!" So I keep bringing them home.

Yes. I saw many times that Film, in my life, but the wifes are Beatifull always.... the mine her name was SUSANA died in the 2010.

Good morning: My name is Gordon and I am by nature a polymath(likes to do many different things), and I am working on a prototype of an aircraft that I will try my hand at building this Spring/Summer. I am a newbie to this Association, and wish to say how impressed I am from what I have seen and read. Simply astonishing...simply....astonishing. I think everyone en mass should take a bow. Best regards, Gordon

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