Flyzone L-39 Brushless EDF Jet

Flyzone L-39: the 90+ mph “no-sweat” jet!

A high-speed pass “on the deck” is a thrill that most modelers would enjoy — and the Flyzone L-39 EDF jet offers them a fast, easy way to do just that. Power for that kind of airspeed comes from a proven performance combo: an ElectriFly HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit driven by an Ammo™ brushless inrunner motor. L-39 ducting was optimized to make the most of it, producing cleaner airflow and with it, stronger takeoffs and higher speeds. Another plus: the L-39’s ability to handle 4S LiPo packs. And as the L-39 proves, more voltage and more performance go hand in hand. With 90+ mph (145 km/h) speeds just a fingertip away, flying the L-39 requires the skills and watchfulness of an experienced pilot. However, assembly is so simple that even a beginner could do it. The airframe is molded from factory-finished AeroCell foam, requiring minimal assembly. The brushless power system, servos and hardware are installed. Once the modeler adds a receiver and a charged 4S pack, the L-39 is primed and ready for its first flight.
Includes: ■ Finished AeroCell airframe ■ Redesigned and optimized ducting ■ Factory-installed servos, 35A ESC, ElectriFly 56 mm HyperFlow ducted fan unit and Ammo 24-45-3790 inrunner brushless motor
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