Glider Repair 3 Lab Training Video

The Glider Repair Lab 3 is the newest program in Radio Carbon Art's composite repair video series teaching you how to complete a variety of repairs on crash-damaged composite r/c aircraft airframes constructed with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar. You'll learn to make strong and flight-safe and good looking composite repairs without adding unnecessary weight. With some basic repair materials and the techniques taught in this 2 hour program, you can repair just about any composite aircraft fuselage, wing or fins. Repair expert Paul Naton teaches you every step in the process from damage evaluation, parts preparation, lamination schedules, epoxy wet-out and final finishing. You'll learn how to repair a broken main spar on a all-moulded wing, splice together a foam-core wing with carbon wing skins, fabricate new composite wing ribs, restore cracked fuselage seams, and use the lost-foam method to fabricate a shattered nose on a glass fuselage. With spare airframe parts so expensive and hard to get, this professionally produced training video is sure to save you time and money by showing you how to do your own high quality composite repairs. Visit the Radio Carbon Art web site today at to view the online movie trailer and preview clips. Tutorials Include: Built-Up Composite Wing Repair Seminar • Carbon Skin With Foam-Core Wing Repair • Composite Spar Repair • Spread-Tow Fin Repair Techniques • Fiberlass Seam Repair Tips • Lost-Foam Parts Fabrication Methods The Glider Repair Lab 3 is available as a high quality Digital Download or on DVD and has a full money-back guarantee. All programs can be ordered online at or by phone, using our toll-free number: 888-834-2261, M-F, 10 to 5, EST. Visa, Mastercard and Paypal accepted.
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I currently work with fibreglass as a sculptor/painter in Nigeria but want to expand my scope by working on aircrafts body,what to I need to join in your next available course on composite repairs, what date, duration, fees and country

Hi Eugene, I would suggest that you contact the company at or by phone at 888-834-2261, M-F, 10 to 5, EST.

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