KDE Direct Power System Thrust Calculator

The KDE Direct Power System Thrust Calculator has been redesigned with a whole new level of optimizations and custom selections for your multi-rotor (UAS) applications. The full range of KDE Direct XF Brushless Motors and Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) has been incorporated, all the way from small FPV Racing setups to Heavy-Lift commercial and industrial needs. Finding the right setup is now as easy as inputting the total weight target of the vehicle (AUW), selecting the number of motors and configuration-type, and then scrolling through all the available options. Additional specifications can be added, including battery voltage and propeller size, to dial-down your setup to the best grouping of Brushless Motors and ESCs optimal for your application. All setups are targeted for a hovering throttle percentage of 45.0% to 55.0%, so you can be confident you'll be dialed into a good-flying system the first time - without needing to go through the hassles and expense of incorrect component selection. Systems outside of this optimal range are automatically removed, so there's no confusion you are finding the best combination.
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