The Power Board - Pro Series

The Pro series of the Power Board have many benefits and features that will keep your planes up and running at their best. Adding a power board to your plane set up allows you to have better wire management, keep track of how much voltage is going to which servos, and using two batteries provides redundancy. Depending on the box, there are two ways the batteries will discharge. One will discharge first and then switch over to the other, or they will both discharge at a slower rate simultaneously. Having a second battery in your system is a great way to avoid crashes due to power failure. RedwingRC has three different Pro boxes: Red, Yellow, and Black. Each is slightly different, so choosing one will depend on your needs (check out for more info). All three allow for a third battery to be used for the ignition- this electronically isolates the two main power supplies which in turn prevents interference from the ignition. Choosing the right Power Board is easy and can make flying more fun because you will know exactly what is going on inside you plane. Knowing voltage is essential and diagnosing issues will become much easier. All Power Boards from RedwingRC: - Digital display, making it easy to see what voltage is going in and out of all devices. - LED Light and audible alarm, notifying you if you system drops below a voltage that you set. - Buttons to program the voltage. - 8 channels in, 16 channels out (+ ignition) - Integrated CDI remote cut off (OPTO KILL) switch to kill your engine - Built in regulator that supplies a clean 5v to your receiver - Receiver wires pre-installed - XT Connectors - Accept batteries with dean style connectors *FOR MORE INFO GO TO:
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I unfortunately have had a bad experience with the Redwing Yellow Powerboard. After two ground runs and one flight in a new YAK54, I had a failure on the left side elevator, that I traced to a loose connection on the board. Redwing RC failed to respond to either email or phone messages. Fortunately for me I discovered the problem on the ground prior to my 2nd flight. But I am surprised that Redwing would not want to recover and inspect the board as a part of the quality control.

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