Redwing 30cc Segev ARTiculate

Introducing the newest freestyle Bi-Plane to hit the US market- Available ONLY at RedwingRC. Check out the Segev "ARTiculate" Biplane, a one-of-kind masterpiece that cuts through the sky with precision and handles like a dream. The ARTiculate comes ready for either a Gas or Electric set up, so you have a lot of freedom during the build. It took over a year of designing and planning to ensure that this plane is absolutely perfect! With the combined skills and experience of three RC enthusiasts the 30cc ARTiculate was created and tested over and over again to give us the best possible freestyle 3D air frame. The goal of the ARTiculate was to create a plane for practicing the next F3A maneuvers while also being a platform to prepare for freestyle competition in a compact size, great look, and affordable price. These goals were met and as a result we are left with the amazing, affordable, and beautiful 30cc Segev ARTiculate Biplane. Specifications: -- Wing span: 75in/1900mm --Length: 78in/1990mm --Weight: 178.5oz/ 5060g --Requires 7 Servos x 13kg+ (8 servos for gas) --CG is 130mm measured from the leading edge (center of top wing) Equipment required: -- Electric Motor: brushless out runner, 3500W, 650-700g -- ESC: 100A HV -- Servo: 50-70g, 13kg/cm or above, metal gear -- Battery: 10S 4500-5000mah, 12S 3300-4500mah -- Prop: 20x10E, 21x10E, 21x13E, 22x10E -- Spinner: 3.5in/89MM
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Are there plans available for this plan? I've been wanting to build a bi plane from scratch and want basic model for a guide!

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