Flyzone Sensei FS

A smart choice for anyone wanting to learn to fly. The Sensei FS (Flight Stabilization) electric trainer takes learning to fly to new levels of ease and excitement. The WISE 3-axis stabilization system is just like having a flight instructor standing right next to the pilot, ready to instantly take over if necessary. A brushless power system delivers the performance necessary for sport aerobatics as skills improve, and for added fun the “drop-door” feature lets pilots deliver a “payload” of their choosing. Choose from the all-inclusive RTF or the flexible Receiver-Ready version that lets modelers equip the Sensei FS with their choice of radio gear!
FEATURES: ■ Rugged, resilient AeroCell™ foam airframe with a pre-applied trim scheme ■WISE 3-axis flight stabilization system ■ Flight Success Guarantee with the Sensei FS RTF ■ Simple, screw-together assembly — no gluing required ■ Factory-installed brushless outrunner motor, ESC & 5 micro servos ■ Steerable nose gear Equipped with the innovative WISE 3-axis stabilization system! With the WISE stabilization system mastering R/C flight has never been easier — and it works with any radio! Take-offs and landings are as easy as increasing or decreasing the throttle. In the air, three flight modes allow modelers to learn flying skills at their own pace. ■Beginner — the Sensei FS maintains a gentle bank and climb/descent envelope, with the pilot able to return the plane to straight and level flight by simply releasing the sticks ■Intermediate — pilots will be able to fly with increased freedom, while still having the stick release function to fall back on ■Advanced — once pilots are comfortable with the basics, they can fly on their own without limits, but still with the benefits of gyro stabilization ■Bailout Switch — extra insurance that immediately returns the Sensei FS to straight and level flight from any orientation, in any of the 3 modes
Wingspan: 58 in (1475 mm) RTF Weight: 3.2 lbs (1450 g) Rx-R Weight Range: 3.25-3.5 lbs (1470- 1590 g) Length: 48 in (1220 mm) RTF includes: Tactic TTX610 radio system with SLT receiver, 3S 2100mAh LiPo flight battery, AC/DC balancing LiPo charger, (4) “AA” batteries Rx-R requires: radio and receiver with 4-5 channels, 2100-2200mAh 11.1V LiPo battery, compatible charger
Sensei FS RTF w/WISE Flight Stabilization . . . . . . . . . $299.99 Sensei FS Rx-R w/WISE Flight Stabilization. . . . . . . . . . 199.99
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I used to fly a Big Ring plane with an .045 engine and had a ball flying it. But never flew a radio controlled plane. Now I'm 80 years young at heart, I think I would enjoy trying to learn. (what do you think.) Some flyers at Shark Field encouraging me.

This would be a great beginner model for you Robert, Go for it!

I have the Sensei and I'm looking for a motor for it. I got it used without a motor and I have no ideal what I need. I'm hoping someone out there can help.

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