XF UAS UBEC 22A+ Battery Eliminator Circuit

The new KDE Direct XF UAS Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (UBEC) Series provide interference-free, voltage-regulated power for critical flight electronics and peripheral equipment (including 12.0V aerial photography and high-end sUAS equipment). Designed to eliminate the need for an external battery pack, the UBEC allows for simple adjustment of the voltage-output for direct compatibility to a wide-range of DC power applications. Three (3) power-output leads (22 AWG) are provided as standard; preventing the need for any additional wire-harnesses when using high-powered electronics up to 10A continuous and 22A+ peak currents; even when pushed to the hardest of conditions. With the input-voltage range of 2S up to 8S and output-voltage selection of four voltage ranges (5.0V, 6.0V, 8.0V, and 12.0V); there's nothing this new device cannot handle for your commercial-level needs.
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