Precision Aerobatics XR-52

The XR-52 is an exciting addition to the NEXT Generation PA series of planes, giving you a perfect balance between precision flying and slow 3D capabilities. Versatility is the name of the game: with just a swap of a prop you get a completely different flying plane. Use a Vox 13x5 wooden propeller for amazing low and slow 3D performance, for sport flying or a smaller field. Swap to a Vox 13x6.5 wooden propeller and get ready to experience the ultimate show-stopping freestyle machine! "After flying the XR-52 for hundreds of flights, I can say it truly redefines 3D/Freestyle flying for me; it is the best plane I have ever flown (it really feels like a giant scale), it is capable of being very soft and floaty, but when you push the throttle its capable of being incredibly aggressive and extreme! There isn't a single maneuver that this plane doesn't do well, and it also even opens the possibilities to new maneuvers thanks to its amazingly wide flight envelope! IMHO - PA's best achievement by far! I was amazed by the tightest waterfalls I've ever seen, the most axial and easy to do rolling harriers, completely FLAT spins, beautiful slow rolls the length of the field, easy to do rolling circles, EASY hovers and elevators, the list of maneuvers is endless... this plane is designed to make you feel comfortable with all maneuvers and make you look good while doing them!" -Daniel Dominguez, PA lead team pilot
Power set up Motor: NEW PA Thrust 45 outrunner ESC: Quantum Pro 45 with S/BEC LiPo: 2200mAh 14.8v 4S 30-60c Propeller: Vox 13x5 or Vox 13x6.5
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