A lot of soaring excitement in a small model

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Written by Jon Barnes Alien Technologies Micro Aquila
As seen in the December 2020 issue of Model Aviation.

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This sure reminds me of my "old" RCHLGs from the 80s! The Larry Jolly Flinger The Midway Models Gnome, the Top Flite Wristocrat and the Davey Systems Ariel to name a few. All balsa construction and generally an E205 wing section made for some nice flying in the good ol' days. Yep, there was such a thing as "micro radio gear" but a heavy 300Mah NiCd battery usually balanced the glider pretty well. Great memories of a kinder, gentler time. Maybe this can be the start of a resurgence of small, cheap, easy to fly wood sailplane models

Is their a web address where we can order these kits?

Hi Henry. Try this one: https://sigmfg.com/collections/alien-aircraft-kits.

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