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Written by Frank Geisler Modelers Helping Modelers Online Exclusive Article.
We love model aviation, no matter what its form. Some like airplanes, some helicopters, some Sailplanes or gliders, while others like multicopters. No matter what type or types of model aviation you participate in, at one point in time there was someone who taught you the ropes and showed you how to build, fly, or determine what power system to use on your new model. We were not born knowing how to fly model aircraft or how to build a foam or balsa airplane. You probably learned that skill or talent from someone close to you or someone you met at your local club, but finding that person to teach you the necessary skills is not always easy to do. I have found a solution which will make it easier for modelers to get local help, and an easy method that allows someone to provide help to others in this hobby. I have coined the term for those willing to help others “Model Aviation Mentors.” The idea is simple and it uses an online map program that is available to everyone. Model Aviation Mentors can volunteer to do many things. They can teach others how to fly, build airplanes, or helicopters, or multicopters or whatever they choose. Forums are great, but they lack the personal, real-time interaction that we get when working with people face to face. Looking at a PC screen is no substitute for a live person. Some newcomers to this hobby may be too intimidated to go to a local club field unannounced. They may feel uncomfortable with the members and their expensive models. Model Aviation Mentors offers an AMA member a way to meet newcomers to the hobby and introduce them to our sport in a comfortable atmosphere.

View Model Aviation Mentors; Model Aircraft Builder Volunteers & Flight Instructors in a larger map
Utilizing the online Google Maps titled “Model Aviation Mentors: Model Airplane Builder Volunteers and Flight Instructors” allows Model Aviation Mentors to identify themselves with a location and contact information such as an email address, telephone number, or RC forum link so modelers or newcomers in their area can contact them if they are looking for help. Anyone looking at the map will not know your exact location or address, but they will know your general location to help determine if you are near enough to provide assistance. This is also a great way to get to know other modelers in your area whom you have not met. The map is open to all forms of model aviators, model car and boat enthusiasts, as well as those into Control Line and Free Flight. If you would like to volunteer to be a Model Aviation Mentor, or to find out more information about this program, contact Frank Geisler at or visit the following RC forums: RCGroups: WattFlyer: 3DRC:! Map Link:

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Glad to see these grass roots efforts. We need to bring new blood to our hobby!!

Thanks! I know we all have to somewhere and a searchable map like this is a great way to find people and clubs willing to help others.

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