As Good As It Gets

by Wm.M.Witty Harmony, PA
I'm writing this letter to you to let you know some of what life is like "out here." I belong to the M.A.R.S. club. Our field is located in Harmony, PA. We are on the web at
In the why not model department, I like to build, well anything, and I do have a nice, but small shop. I have built 9 models from plans as well as 18 different hardwood models.
Last year I built a Space Walker (below) complete with motor and servos and donated it to the club to be raffled off at our swap meet.

This year I built the french BeBe (below) again, it was complete with motor and servos. A man from Erie, PA won this one. I don't need, or have any room for any planes, but I like to build them.

I use many kinds of wood to get the color and then finish them with clear lacquer.

I have at times made spars and other parts for people. To me, being out in my shop making noise and sawdust is as good as it gets. When I get my copy of Model Aviation, I always look at Focal Point to see what other people have built. Thanks for listening.


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I was thinking about buying the durafly p47 thunderbolt and I would appreciate any input on this bird If you have this warbird.

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