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Webinar hosted by Jay Smith, Greg Prater, and Greg Hahn. Learn about plans, plans building, and modifications. Free supplemental webinar for the October 2013 issue of Model Aviation.

In a recent poll of the AMA membership, 39.4% stated they were interested in building. Add to that fact that the AMA Plans Services sells a significant number of plans each month and it is obvious that people are building, or at least thinking about it. On October 10, 2013 we conducted a webinar to share tips on selecting plans and building techniques. Hundreds of AMA members joined the webinar.

Webinar Presenters

Jay Smith
Jay Smith grew up in the hobby, working in his father’s hobby shop. He has participated in competitions and has even been sponsored. While at the AMA, Jay has served as the assistant editor to Model Aviation and the Executive Editor to Sport Aviator. Currently Jay is Model Aviation’s Editor-in-Chief.
Greg Prater
Greg Prater is a model aviation contest director, hosting several contests each year. Greg's 25 years of experience in the photo reproduction industry, coupled with his passion for building and flying, make him an excellent person to head the AMA Plans Services Department, helping hobbyists with their projects.
Greg Hahn
Whether full scale or models, Greg Hahn has always enjoyed aviation and has won many awards in flight and static competition. Greg has been featured in numerous publications and television shows in the US and internationally. Currently Greg is AMA's Competitions Director.

Recorded Plans-Build Webinar

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