Peanut Scale Fokker D.VII

Designed and Drawn by Dennis O. Norman Rubber Powered Peanut Scale Fokker D. VII Featured in the June 2014 issue of Model Aviation. Download free plans of the Fokker D. VII

It has recently been noted that there is a steady decline in the number of Peanut Scale models being flown at Flying Aces Club (FAC) meets. Chris A. Boehm, of the Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club of Michigan, Inc., and Rich Weber, president of the Cleveland Free Flight Society and editor of FAC News have started a campaign to increase Peanut Scale flying. This plan was drawn as the subject of an early Air Ace Models plan book. The plan book and full-color tissue markings are available from Air Ace Models for $20, plus postage. A 134% enlargement of the plan is also available with the plans book and enlarged tissue coverings for $30, plus postage.

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Thanks to AMA and Mr. Norman for providing this excellent plan! It is at the top of my "to-build" list!

Looking for a set of peanut scale plans for a Fokker DVIII

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