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Download a podcast with Jay Smith and top kit manufacturers. Thursday, October 9, 2014 1PM EDT

The October 2014 issue of Model Aviation featured building advice from top kit manufacturers in an article titled Top Five Building Tips. Whether you’re new to building or have completed several models, it never hurts to get a little insight from others skilled in the craft. These tips can be invaluable and possibly a little harder to come by in a hobby filled with RTF and ARF aircraft. Model Aviation Editor-in-Chief Jay Smith invited the contributors to join in a live podcast to go into greater detail and answer your questions. What is a live audio stream podcast? Think of this as a radio talk show but instead of listening through your radio, you listen through your computer. Those who attended the live show were able to submit questions and participate in polls.

The Panel

Brian Eberwein Mountain Models (920) 840-6036

Bill Stevens Stevens AeroModel (719) 387-4187

Mark Freeland Retro RC (248) 212-9666

Download the podcast

Click here to listen or download the audio podcast.

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I am covering a FUSELAGE for the first time. I have written directions with pictures. But I NEED a VIDEO. It is a stick model, made from hardwood sticks , the sticks are painted with lacquer sealer. I will be covering ONLY the FUSELAGE. I will be using Coverite 21st Centery Microlite Film Clear COVQ0240. I desperately need a video on how to cover a FUSELAGE. I am using a Top Flite heating Iron TORP2100 it does not show degrees in temperature settings on the Iron, only shows Lo, 1, 2, 3, Hi. Would you by chance know the temp. settings for the numbers Lo, and 1 and 2 and 3 and Hi . PLEASE I need help !! Thank You Sincerely Hank McCabe Phone Number 520-829-6404 Tucson, AZ

With any of the coverings in question you first will need to look at two temperatures the lower tack temperature which activates the adhesive and then the higher temperature which will induce shrinkage of the covering. The tack temperature is usually a setting of 1.5 on your iron anything above 2 will start shrinking your covering. Shrinking the covering prematurely will result in a bad covering job, air bubbles, blush marks, tears, wrinkles, ect.


I can't seem to find this podcast in my podcast app(PocketCast). What is the rss feed link or what should I be searching for?

I use pocket cast for listening to podcast. I can't seem to find this podcast when I search for it in pocket cast. I have searched for building tips, model aviation without any results. It is much easier to have it show up in my podcast app then come here to check for new episodes..something to think about....

Hi John, This program was a one-time audio stream and not necessarily a recurring podcast. The only way to access the podcast is by streaming through this site or downloading the audio file.

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