Big Yellow Bird Goes Up Like A Home Sick Angel

by Lin Cordray and Burt Gunter Ball Ground GA John Burton Gunter, Col. USA Retired, more commonly known as"Burt" and Lin Cordray often take to the skies. They are both AMA members who fly together with their club "Georgia Model Aviators" located about an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia. On August 2011, Lin took a photo of Burt with his Big Yellow Bird, a WACO from Great Planes. It is powered by a Zenoah 26 gas engine with Spektrum DX6 with servos being HiTech. The gross weight (with fuel) is almost 15.5 pounds. Wing span is 6 feet requiring 25 to 30 minutes to assemble for flight. The name printed on the wings was suggested by a very close lady friend of Burt who mentioned the plane resembles a yellow bird and flies like a homesick angel. Burt is also a prior Army aviator and flew DeHavilland Beavers and Censsa L-19s during two tours in South Vietnam. Yet Burt commented that RC aircraft are more difficult to fly than full scale. He added that you can walk away from a model crash site with only one's pride hurt and some damage to the back pocket. That's not the case with a full scale accident. Burt with his new WACO at the Georgia Model Aviators flying site

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That looks like a great plane and a great flying site. Do I see grills in the background :)

That is one beautiful plane. I love the biplanes. Nice work Burt!

homesick angel? Nah, that aircraft looks like strong healthy eagle : ) Great work

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