Ron Bouchard's Midwest Aero-Star E-40

Written by Ron Bouchard Ron Bouchard discusses his Aero-Star E-40
It started 12 years ago when my wife bought a Midwest Aero-star 40 for my Christmas present. After building, the model flew great and was rugged as a tank. The number of times I crashed that model would have broken the Guinness World record for RC model crashes. Fast forward to the winter of 2011 and 2012 when I decided to buy another kit and electrify it, as well as bash it. The changes I made were: tricycle landing gear to conventional LG, internal combustion to electric, the aileron control surfaces are 1/4 inch wider, I added a fowler type flap system, and stall fences. The battery hatch cover has been cut into the front windshield area providing more than ample room for the four or six cell (4S or 3S2P) packs I use for power. The plane really slows down nicely for landings, and the short take-offs are very steep on about 60% to 70% power. It climbs out very realistically. It does everything I want. Weight with batteries is 6.35 lbs, power is an E-flight 46, using either four or six cells, and radio equipment and servos are JR.
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