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Joseph Carlo Ocala FL Hello. I am sending my story drawn as picture book. I have had fun with planes originally starting with 10 cents and 25 cents rubber band planes. One day around age 6 or 8 my dad came home with a big box. On the box was a picture of a 6 foot Condor plane! he set up a big table in the second garage and we started to cut out all the parts. After three years in the Army, I started up building an air force of my own. I have a 36" P-38, 26" P-51, 40" B-25, 40" Aircobra, 40" Smi-Jet, 40" Spitfire, 36" Cub, 52" Sig Kadet, 36" Staggerwing, 36" Sea plan, and a 36" wonder. My pictures tell my story starting as a youth. Here is my story:

Now I am in a new club, so I could start a new story book.

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