Jacksonville Propkickers Hold Fly-In

Roger Russell Jacksonville, Illinois More than 40 pilots help celebrate club's anniversary.

The Jacksonville PROPKICKERS of Jacksonville, Illinois held a Fly what you bring Fly In September 21, 2013. This Fly In also was to help Celebrate 40 years of the refounding of the Club which was first Charted in the 40's. Charter No. 1328.

We had 40 plus pilots from around central Illinois. Numerous spectators from Jacksonville and surrounding towns.

This Fly In was also done to celebrate the new look of our field as we installed a 300'x28' Petro Mat Runway along with our 500'x100 grass runway. This was the first time to host this big of event as we did not know if the field could handle such a crowd. We had campers that stayed for the weekend and enjoyed the Cruise Nite held in Jacksonvelle that Saturday Night.

The picture shows the new Petro Mat Runway where you can see a Roger Russell's Cub being flown by Brian Ward pulling Chris Puckett's Glider. It also shows some of the Spectators and Pits of all the flyers that attended. Picture was taken from Alan Hallock's DJI Flame Hexacopter with a Black Sheep FPV and GoPro Camera installed.

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