Flite Test EDF

Written by Jack Kreska Adapting a foamie

I have built and flown a couple of the Electric Ducted-Fan (EDF) models from Flight Test. The latest one I’ve built is the FT-X29 EDF. This plane, in my opinion, is not for the beginning builder or pilot. It can fly really fast with the 70mm ducted fan installed. I have no idea how it would perform with the smaller 64mm fan, so I can’t comment on that. Because it’s made of brown foam board, I certainly wanted to paint it. I decided to paint it in the same pattern that FlightTest showed in their videos. I used Rustoleum spray paint and automobile striping tape in my attempt to duplicate FT’s model. Propulsion is a 70mm EDF, 60 Amp ESC, and a 4S 14.8 volt 4200 mAh LiPo battery. Two miniature 9G servos and a Spektrum 4-channel DSMX receiver complete the build. It’s fun to fly on low rates. It flies fast and does rolls, loops, etc. It can fly straight up and out of sight. I don’t, however, recommend flying it using high rates. Unlike many foamboard airplanes that have flat wings, the X29 has an actual airfoil that allows it to slow down and glide in for an easy landing.
—Jack Kreska Fort Worth, Texas
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