Sparring Sparrows

Written by Mike Park Pilot member describes flying on a farm with nature's aviators
I recently purchased an Eflite Radian UMX and have flown it several times at my sister's farm, resulting in some unexpected occurances. When I orbit the motorglider over their field to catch updrafts, nearby barn pigeons often fly in formation with my plane. Sparrows seem to deem my little Radian as a threat and pursue it, which has, on occasion, turned into some fun ACM (dogfights). No harm to them, as I simply kick in a snap roll and get on the Sparrows' tail, which frightens them off for a few minutes. The last time I flew (to catch some thermals), a venue of vultures alighted on a nearby tree, presumably thinking my Radian was another scavenger who was circling over a meal. -Mike
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