Spektrum NX6 Transmitter

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As seen in the February 2021 issue of Model Aviation.
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Band: 2.4 GHz

Battery: 1S Li-Ion, 2,000 mAh

Bind method: Bind button

Channels: Six

Charger: Included

Data port: Yes

Failsafe: Yes

Flight log compatible: Yes

Frame rate: 11/22 ms

Input voltage: 3.7 volts

Model memory: 250

Modes: User-selectable modes 1 to 4

Modulation: DSMX

Programmable: Yes

Range: Full

Rate positions: Three POS

Receiver: Included

Resolution: 2048

SD card/airware capable: Yes

Technology: Smart

Telemetry: Yes


Horizon Hobby/Spektrum

(800) 338-4639


spektrum transmitters
SPEKTRUM TRANSMITTERS introduced our hobby to frequency freedom with 2.4 GHz technology. The popular line of DX series transmitters has been refreshed and replaced with the NX designation and is available in six-, eight-, and 10-channel offerings.

The NX series brings innovations such as Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads, and firmware updates. It is Smart technology compatible out of the box and includes a 3.7-volt 2,000 mAh 1S Li-Ion transmitter battery. Also included is an integrated serial port for supporting third-party modules, which is a first for a Spektrum six-channel transmitter. It is also equipped with a USB port for charging and data transfer and for use with any simulator that supports USB game controllers, including the RealFlight RC Flight Simulator, so you can practice using your actual transmitter. The NX series also offers a folding diversity antenna.

The NX6 can be purchased as a transmitter only or with a Spektrum AR6610T DSMX receiver. Also included is a Micro USB cable and a thick product manual.

The NX6 retains the roller wheel and the simple-to-understand programming of its predecessor, making previous Spektrum users feel at home. Ergonomically, it feels good and is lightweight using a single-cell Li-Ion battery.

A thoughtful feature of the NX6 is that it includes channel 7 for limited functions. This greatly expands the radio’s usefulness when all of the channels are in use and pilots still want the benefit of SAFE technology. This enables you to have full functionality to fly Bind-N-Fly airplanes with retracts, flaps, and SAFE Select with the NX6. Channel 7 is not a fully proportional channel on the NX6. It cannot be used in mixes, nor does it include travel adjustment. Channel 7 can be assigned to a switch in the System Setup, Channel Assign menu. It can be reversed in the Function List, Servo Setup menu, and it will appear in the servo monitor.

We received the NX6 a few days before going to press; however, as we continue to use the radio, we will also review the NX flagship 10-channel version. This will allow us to cover both transmitters in an in-depth video and explain their differences. The video will be accessible on AMA’s YouTube channel and will likely be available to watch by the time you read this.

Pricing for the Spektrum NX6 is $309.99 for the transmitter or $369.99 for the transmitter and Spektrum AR6610T receiver.

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