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Model Aviation staff directory

(765) 287-1256

COMMUNICATIONS Function Telephone Ext. Email
Rob Kurek Communications Director 220 [email protected]
Jay Smith Executive Editor 225 [email protected]
Jennifer Alderman Associate Editor 223 [email protected]
Rachelle Haughn Staff Writer/Copy Editor 221 [email protected]
Liz Helms Managing Editor 213 [email protected]
Lynn Balderrama Art Director 278 [email protected]
Erin Dobbs Advertising & Partnerships 272 [email protected]
CREATIVE ART Function Telephone Ext. Email
Mark Benson Creative Director 274 [email protected]
Lee Ray Social Media Manager 228 [email protected]
Dillon Carpenter Digital Experience Lead 219 [email protected]
Matt Ruddick Technical Communications Lead 229 [email protected]
Aaron Howard Graphic Designer 231 [email protected]

Model Aviation contributor directory

Author Column Title   Email
Stan Alexander RC Scale   [email protected]
Bob Angel Old-Timers   [email protected]
Joshua Bardwell The Deal with Drones   [email protected]
Heath Bartel RC Combat   [email protected]
Gordon Buckland RC Soaring   [email protected]
Sal Calvagna RC Giants   [email protected]
Fred Cronenwett CL Scale   [email protected]
Joe Daly Control Line Aerobatics   [email protected]
Don DeLoach Free Flight Sport   [email protected]
William Drumm III RC Combat   [email protected]
Terry Dunn Electrics   [email protected]
John Glezellis RC Scale Aerobatics   [email protected]
Greg Schutte RC Slope Soaring   [email protected]
Jim Hiller RC Jets   [email protected]
Louis Joyner Free Flight Duration   [email protected]
Tim Lampe RC Pylon Racing   [email protected]
Joe Malinchak Micro-Flying   [email protected]
Bob Noll Vintage Viewpoint   [email protected]
Jennifer Reynolds Sky’s the Limit   [email protected]
Mark Rudner Control Line Combat   [email protected]
Greg Schutte RC Slope Soaring   [email protected]
Patrick Sherman Advanced Flight Technology   [email protected]
Don Slusarczyk FF Indoor   [email protected]
Thayer Syme Around the Patch   [email protected]
Pat Tritle Small-Field Flying   [email protected]
John Vlna Control Line Navy Carrier   [email protected]
James Wang RC Helcopters   [email protected]
Justin Wells RC Aerobatics   [email protected]






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