Super Chipmunk

Written by Jay Smith As featured on page 46 the November 2012 issue of Model Aviation. As featured in the Model Aviation tablet app.

The Super Chipmunk is easy to see in the air with its attractive color scheme and has aerobatic, yet forgiving, flight characteristics.

Here’s what you’ll find when you open the box. The covering was excellent and required little work with the covering iron.

The tail wheel wire is inserted into the rudder when it is attached providing a steerable tail wheel.

The Rimfire 400 brushless outruuner is easily mounted to the motor box and is the perfect match for this aircraft. The ESC is mounted to the bottom of the small tray behind the motor right in the airflow.

This look inside the fuselage shows where everything is mounted. A Velcro strap and hook and loop material is used to keep the battery in place during flight.

The aileron pushrods come with a “V” bend in them to allow for adjustment. The control horn was colored with a Sharpie after it was installed.

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