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Written by Matt Ruddick As seen in the December 2019 issue of Model Aviation.

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BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, I hope that you have been introduced to the new AMA podcast. If you haven’t, then shame on us … and welcome to the AMA podcast!

I know what you’re likely thinking. First, what does this podcast have to do with drones, and second, why am I discussing it in this column? Both are fair questions, and I’ll touch on those first.

I’m devoting this column to our new show because I’m a part of the team that has developed and produced it, and I’m really proud of what we’re doing! I also host the show with a stellar team of cohosts. We have discussed, or plan to discuss, topics that range from interesting events to specific modeling disciplines such as Free Flight, jets and, of course, drones.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, though. Some of you might not know what a podcast is. If that describes you, don’t worry; it’s quite simple.

Imagine a podcast as just an internet-based radio show. What makes podcasts special is that they can be downloaded on demand and you can subscribe to them for free on apps that are likely already on your smartphone.

Why are we producing this show in the first place? Our digital media team has discussed the possibility of a podcast for a few years, but never quite felt like the time was right. However, with the changes that continue to radiate through the hobby, we think it’s important to be able to talk directly and candidly with the membership on a regular basis. You’ve likely noticed this initiative with the addition of the "Join the conversation with Chad Budreau" video series on the AMA Facebook page. The AMA podcast is just another avenue for this dialogue.

We spend a lot of time speaking with members at events and on social media, and we hear amazing stories from the past and present that we want to share with the world. These are stories that might captivate you or they could make you reminisce about the old days. They might also show you just how far our wonderful hobby can reach out and impact everyday life.

You’ll also be able to hear these stories directly from the people who lived them! We’ll speak with some of the columnists from Model Aviation, pilots (well known and unknown), and hear from the AMA Government Affairs team as news breaks from Washington, D.C.

Joining me on each episode will be a cohost chosen specifically based on the topics being discussed that week. Experts such as AMA Safety and Technical Director Tony Stillman, National Model Aviation Museum Director Michael Smith, FPV drone pilot Dillon "DroneSlinger" Carpenter, Model Aviation Executive Editor Jay Smith, and others will take part as cohosts on the show and bring their expertise to each conversation.

It’s important to know that this won’t be a one-way conversation. We hope to hear from all of you as listeners! Ask us questions, make suggestions, or even let us know about interesting stories that you have. We want to tell your stories—not just ours.

dillon carpenter will serve as one of many
Dillon Carpenter will serve as one of many rotating cohosts.
ama safety and technical director
AMA Safety and Technical Director Tony Stillman will regularly lend his expertise and knowledge to the podcast.
jay smith
Jay Smith, executive editor of Model Aviation, will be a featured contributor on the AMA podcast.

As you listen to each episode, we’ll let you know how to contact us, and we might just read your comments on the show or even invite you on as a guest! We hope to open up the world of aeromodeling and shine a light on the great things happening within it. We certainly hope you will enjoy it and choose to shine that light with us.

the ama podcast is a weekly
The AMA podcast is a weekly show hosted by the author, Matt Ruddick.


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I like the Podcasts. I can listen to it while working in my shop. Good job Matt Rusty L716

Well done, very interesting and a great idea....Jay

Great job and a wonderful communication device....Jay

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