CL Precision Aerobatic's Tsunami

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TSUNAMI was the first and only original homebuilt racer at the Reno Air Races to qualify for the Unlimited class Gold heat race. With its sleek airframe, it was known as one of the fastest piston propeller airplanes, and was built from parts of several different aircraft: the wheels and brakes from a Learjet; the propeller blades from a T-28; the main gear from a Piper Aerostar; the tail gear from a P-51 Mustang; and the tail wheel from a Grumman S-2.

Unfortunately, Tsumani crashed in September 1991, killing pilot John Sandberg. The hopes to rebuild her have been ongoing since, with donations and funding through the “Rebuild Tsunami” website (, as well as appearances at events such as EAA AirVenture.

Windy Urtnowski wanted to pay tribute to the racer and, with the help of Pat Johnston and Gerald Schamp, designed plans for this CL Precision Aerobatics performer, calling it “A Tribute to John Sandberg’s Dream.”

With a wingspan and length of 27 feet, the model was built for use with two wings: one using Bob Hunt’s “lost-foam” method, the other using the “rod” method. Both types of lightweight wings worked fine.

Read more about the construction on page 33 in the October 2011 issue of Model Aviation.

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