Du-Bro Kwik Sand Hand Sander

Du-Bro Kwik Sand Hand Sander

Du-Bro Kwik Sand Hand Sander

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As seen in the May 2024 issue of Model Aviation.

STAN ALEXANDER shared his review of the Du-Bro Kwik Sand Hand Sander. Here is what he had to say:

Many of us who build enjoy certain parts of the building process more than others. Some like putting the stick longerons together on a fuselage or adding ribs and stringers on the wing of a model. Covering and either painting or adding film covering are other parts that many like to do, but one thing most modelers don’t enjoy is sanding the airframe. Du-Bro decided, "Let’s make it easier," so the company did.

Modelers constantly look for tools that will make some part of the building process easier and faster to do. Some of these tools come to us by covering models with a film covering that adds color to the model and you just add markings or stickers to complete it, but sanding can be a dirty chore when building.

Du-Bro has been in the model parts business since 1959 and has been successful with the production of superior parts for models that you build or when you replace substandard hardware with much better clevises, control rods, and many other items. Du-Bro does everything in house, including advertising, injection-molding, blow-molding, rotational-molding, vacuum-forming, and all other aspects of the design, assembly, and shipping. You can find the company’s products in any hobby shop, as well as on its website.

Du-Bro has also started working to make the sanding process easier for modelers. The company first came out with a 22-inch Kwik Sand Hand Sander, which is great to sand leading edges, surfaces on wings, or fuselage structures. It gives you a completely flat surface to work with over a larger area than most sanding blocks you can find at the hardware store.

These sanding bars were designed and made for modelers. The sander is easy to hold with a grip top and comes with adhesive-backed sandpaper of different grits, including 80-grit, 150-grit, and 220-grit, that fit the bar and can be reordered.

For smaller, electric-powered models that are becoming increasingly popular, Du-Bro has also introduced two smaller versions of its sanding bar: a 5.5-inch and 11-inch. These bars can help with smaller projects or smaller parts of a large model, such as the ailerons, rudder, or stabilizer. These bars are made from the same aluminum stock and work well in the shop. They also come with sandpaper that has adhesive backing on it to attach to the bottom of the bars to get you started sanding faster.

Just let the Kwik Sand Hand Sander do the work! That’s what it’s designed to do. Make building a better experience with these and Du-Bro’s other products.



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