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Designed by Phillip Kent. Read more about this cantilever low-wing monoplane and order plans.

Britain’s Phillip Kent designed his model after the Alexander Aircraft Company’s Bullet, a cantilever low-wing monoplane designed with a retracting undercarriage, and capable of transporting four people at a cruising speed of 150 mph.

Straightforward, built-up construction consisted of full-depth sheet balsa spars slotted to accept wing ribs, 3/16 balsa cabin parts covered with 1/64 plywood, and a simple box fuselage filled out with stringers. The removable front cowl was built up with layers of sheet balsa. The aileron bottom balsa was burnished to give proper upward curl.

The model, which had a 621/2-inch wingspan, was originally designed for electric power, but because of the high initial cost, Phillip switched to a Laser 50 four-stroke engine.

Phillip’s first model was based on a Bullet test model X771H with a silver color scheme. Sig Koverall covered the wing and fuselage, and Solartex was used on the tail surfaces and ailerons.

The original model was heavily damaged in a crash after an aileron servo failed. The second model used the more attractive fin and rudder shape of aircraft X309V, with a forest green and silver paint scheme.

According to Phillip, the model “flew straight off the board … landings and takeoffs were particularly easy on the grass field.”

AMA Plans Service listing 792, the Alexander Bullet was featured in the November 1995 MA, and is available for $24 plus shipping and handling. AMA members can access the digital archives on the magazine’s website to read more about it. See page 157 or go to for ordering information.

Order The Alexander Bullet Plans

Alexander Bullet: Plans cost $24.00 plus shipping and handling. Please allow at least one to three weeks for delivery within the United States—longer for overseas. All domestic plans are shipped rolled via priority mail. All foreign orders are folded and shipped First Class.

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