Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt’s “CL Aerobatics” column appears bi-monthly in the January, March, May, July, September, and November issues of Model Aviation. His email address is [email protected].
Hi! I’m Robin “Bob” Hunt. I live in Stockertown, Pennsylvania. I was born into the perfect environment to become a modeler. My father, James A. Hunt, started flying model airplanes when Admiral Byrd flew over the North Pole in 1926. He even named my brother and me after his favorite airplane, the Curtiss Robin. My brother’s name is James Curtiss Hunt and I’m Robin Wayne Hunt. Dad snuck that one right past my mother …
All of dad’s friends and most of the employees at his machine shop were modelers, so virtually everyone in my small universe was a modeler. Most of Dad’s friends were CL Stunt fliers, and I naturally gravitated to that event.
I’ve been flying competitive Stunt since the 1960s and have won several major championships, including a Gold Medal at the 1978 World Championships. I’ve also won the US Nats once in the Open division, and three times in the Classic Stunt division. I’ve been a member of eight US World CL teams and have served as the assistant manager at two World Championships. I’ve won Classic Stunt at the prestigious Vintage Stunt Championships on seven occasions and had a string of five wins in a row at that contest! I started a modeling company in 1969 called Control Specialties and produced foam-core wings for CL Stunt, RC Pattern, CL and RC Scale, Pylon Racers, CL Combat models, and Sailplanes. I even cut wind-tunnel test wings for McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, and Mississippi State University. In 1979 I accepted the post of Associate Editor at Flying Models magazine, and a year later I became the editor of that magazine. I served in that position for 17 years. I decided to try video editing and video program production in 1996 and did that for several years, producing several model airplane how-to and event videos. In 2001, I was contacted by Rob Kurek at AMA and accepted the post of Aeromodeling Editor of Model Aviation magazine. I stayed there for nearly seven years and then retired. I also have a passion for high-performance motorcycles and raced bikes in my younger years. I now serve the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program as a Site Coordinator and Rider Coach. I teach approximately 56 motorcycle safety classes a year, and as a Pennsylvania State License Examiner, I also license my students when they pass the course. I still produce many model airplane products through my Robin’s View Productions company, and I still compete on a national level in CL Stunt. My passion in modeling is designing, building, and flying my own creations. I am constantly trying to develop new and innovative methods for building model airplanes. In 2001 I was honored to be elected to the Model Aviation Hall of Fame (also known as the AMA Hall of Fame). I am also a member of the PAMPA (Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association) Hall of Fame. I serve PAMPA as the editor of Stunt News, a 100-page bi-monthly publication. I also serve the AMA as a member of the CL Contest Board and as a contest director. I am 65 years young and expect to do great things in the hobby when I grow up!
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