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George Thomsen Panama Central America I am moving to the country of Panama to a town near Panama City Panama. Looking for any information on RC clubs or groups that maybe in the area. Altos del Maria or Coranado or west Panama City.


Not sure if this helps, but here is a modeling club that may be near by.

You may want to try to contact the ASPADA. You can find Eric Brathwaite email on the site!

Seems to be NO Active RC flying clubs in Panama. Cannot find any and the old sites listed have no replies to them.

If there were model clubs in Panama, they may belong to AeroClub. Unfortunately the only type of Aeroclubs we see in Panama (from an FAI list) is an organization that appears to mainly focus on Parachuting. This could be a great opportunity for you to establish a new club!

Hi George.
Just wondering if you have any upadtes to your rc flying club search. How did it go?


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