Saving Freedom

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Lewis Moore Euless TX I built and learned to fly RC in 1992 with my Goldberg Freedom 20. After gaining flight experience and moving on to bigger planes the Freedom 20 spent many years in the attic hangar. Last year I cleaned the attic and put the model in throw away status. But I just couldn't discard the model that I used to learn to fly. So I stripped off the old covering and to my surprise the old 20 was in good structural condition. After minor repairs, conversion to a tail dragger, putting the aileron servos in the wing, a MonoKote covering job, and replacing the old .25 with a new OS 25 fx - the old bird was ready to fly. The Freedom 20 looks better than ever and still flies great.


it's always good to hear of aircraft coming back to life. I love thinking about the miles flown on these beauts.

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