Rocketeer A

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Submitted by Rich Minnick:
Designed & built by Maurice Shoenbrun in 1938 it was a 40" wing span that I enlarged to 90". It has been converted to R.C & is powered by a 42 series outrunner motor
  Build the Rocketeer A Issue: Model Aviation March 1978 Plan: #217 Cost: $5.00 plus shipping To Order: 1-800-435-9262x507

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This is a beautiful plane to see up close, craftsmanship is superb, and is a sweet flyer!

Rich, it is so great to see your passion for this art form..... your plane is beautiful and so deserves a spotlight on the cover..... up up and away!

Thank's Wendy...It means alot to here that from a Real you......I have a great time build model airplanes from the 1930' was a great time in model airplane history......

Thanks Wendy....Building model airplanes from the 1930's is a real treat for me ....They have

such great character .....Very art deco..............

Check it out @

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