Model Aviation Digital vs. Print

Still have questions about whether to receive Model Aviation in print or digital? We walk you through the pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

No matter where we look, digital is everywhere. Even our refrigerators and garage door openers are connected to the Web - this movement is being called the "Internet of things!" Many embrace digital, some do not - and that's fine. That's why we let our AMA members choose how to receive Model Aviation - in only print or digital format. Or members can access both print and digital for only $9.95 per year. We compiled some of the benefits of each format to help you choose.

Print Benefits

By default, AMA members will receive Model Aviation in print. If you want to continue receiving Model Aviation in print, there is no need to act. Some of the benefits of print include:
  • There is no need to worry about technical glitches.
  • You never have to charge your print magazine, it's always ready to go!
  • Some find that digital screens can be a strain on the eyes.
  • The magazine arrives to your doorstep; there is no need to open an app or download issues.
  • There is something to be appreciated for print's sensory experience - being able to thumb through each page.

Digital Benefits

Members can choose to opt out of print and receive Model Aviation Digital. You can make the change when renewing your membership by calling 1-800-I-FLY-AMA or by visiting Some of the benefits of digital include:
  • Digital is portable. You can easily access over 40 issues on a tablet or smartphone when traveling.
  • You can access bonus articles and reviews not available in the print edition.
  • Receive the current issue a week before the print issue is mailed.
  • More than 40-plus back issues are included with your subscription.
  • Digital is interactive with videos, photos, and media.
  • Read the magazine on many devices (computer, Kindle, Apple, Android) both offline and online.
  • You will no longer have magazines piling up around the house.
  • You can print articles to your printer, download PDFs, and share content with friends digitally online.

Still Not Sure

No matter which option you select, print or digital, we can always modify how you receive Model Aviation before the membership year is up. Have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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