Jim Graham

Jim’s “Born to Fly” column appears bi-monthly in the January, March, May, July, September, and November issues of Model Aviation. His email address is [email protected].
At an early age, Jim T. Graham spent his weekends with his Grandpa going to full-scale air shows. The first airplane he fell in love with was a Pitts biplane. His uncle had an air hangar in the pasture next to his house in Sadler, Texas; as a young boy Jim would spend the day flying around the Texas countryside. Perrin Air Force base was not too far from the ranch Jim grew up on and each year they had an aerobatics competition. He would sit in a field and watch the competitors practice each day, a week prior to the event. How could he not be airplane crazy with an upbringing like that?
Jim became the marketing and public relations person for Hobby Lobby International at the exact moment LiPo batteries and outrunner motors hit the market. The first product he was responsible for was the AXI line of outrunner motors. Jim played a key role in bringing 3-D airplanes to the market during the early days of the foamy.
Jim then started his own company, Billy Hell RC. His company dealt exclusively in 3-D profile airplanes; the interesting part was that they were made in the USA. He currently helps manage RCGroups.com, the world’s largest and most active RC website.
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