Jim Hiller

Jim’s column runs bi-monthly, in the January, March, May, July, September, and November issues of Model Aviation. His email address is [email protected].
Hi! I fly jets and I am addicted! My dad started my brother Bill and I flying RC at a young age; by age nine I started flying Pattern competitions, then progressed to Pylon Racing and Scale competition through the next few years. All of this was in the late 1960s when we only dreamed of today’s equipment.
That led to becoming a private pilot, purchasing an airplane, and enjoying full-scale aviation; I then went back to modeling as the family came along. Currently I do not actively fly full-scale aircraft, but am instead enjoying model aviation. You can find me at modeling events in the Midwest; not just Jets, as I fly indoor and outdoor electrics and limited 3-D Giant Scale. I’m just having fun in RC modeling.
I was fortunate to get involved with the jet movement in the early days, serving on the Turbine Safety sub-committee for the AMA Safety Committee; we have presented them with the initial rules and almost all revisions since. Those were very interesting times for the Jet modeling community, and it was enjoyable to be a part of bringing Jet modeling to the AMA.
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