A peek around Triple Tree at Joe Nall 2016

Written by Chris Savage Abridged event coverage Video by Chad Budreau and Nick Murhling Read the full coverage in the September 2016 issue of Model Aviation.

A sneak peek at Joe Nall 2016

Pilots from around the world lined up last week, hours — and in some cases days — in advance, to secure their favorite spots at one of the most coveted flying sites in the US: the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina. Joe Nall week took place May 7-14, 2016, and the event’s website boasted more than 1,700 registered pilots from 46 states and 14 countries! AMA’s Chad Budreau was lucky enough to spend a day at Triple Tree this year and was impressed with what he saw. Although a thunderstorm put an abrupt end to AMA’s membership meeting, flightlines along the sprawling lush runways were filled with aircraft of every kind, and floatplane pilots took full advantage of the flying site’s beautiful lake. Although the weather was hot, more than 80 vendors were set up at the site’s expanded vendor area. The volunteers’ hospitality and the event’s great pilots and attendees made for a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere. Model Aviation will provide coverage of Joe Nall Week in the September 2016 issue. For now, check out the video below and see how much fun you can pack into a single day at Triple Tree!


Joe Nall Week http://www.tripletreeaerodrome.com/joe-nall-week.php

Sneek peek video

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