Joe Nall Week 2015

Written by Matt Ruddick Photography by Jenni Alderman A look back at Joe Nall Week 2015 with photo galleries and video recap.
Festivities at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina just wrapped up and Joe Nall Week 2015 is officially in the books. This year’s event, whose history dates back to 1983, brought in an estimated 1900 pilots and 80 vendors over the course of the 7 day fly-in. They featured multiple flightlines for pilots to take part in, such as classic, 3D, float, park, heli and control line.
The Valkyrie 1937

One of the big attractions of the event was the maiden flight of The Valkyrie, a build project being conducted by Joe Nall participants over the last 8 years, however they were only able to work on it during the annual event. It has a wing span of 20 feet and is entirely stick built. Hundreds of volunteers have helped get this RC powered beauty into the air, and around 8PM on Thursday, May 14th, The Valkyrie had a successful maiden flight in front of the attendees at the flightline.
The Valkyrie being walked to the flightline.

A surprise story to come out of Woodruff during the week was the donation of $250,000 by lifetime modeler, Bob Shaw, for the construction of a new educational/youth facility at The Triple Tree Aerodrome. Ground is already being broken on this invaluable facility. Be sure to check out our photo gallery and videos highlighting the 2015 Joe Nall Week!
Video recap of Joe Nall Week 2015

Interview with EAA Officials, Sean Elliott and Rick Larsen.

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How and why as the sanctioning body, can the AMA publish and therefore endorse images made from a multi rotor flying over the pit area at Joe Nall? This is in direct contrast to AMA sanctioned event guidelines as well as completely contrary to the educational program created by AMA TO PREVENT this type of flying.

Hi Rusty. We understand your concern, but we can confirm the photo from the aircraft was not in violation of AMA policy. The photo in question was extracted from a video from a multirotor. We reviewed the video and verified that the photo was taken far from the flightline while hovering over a body of water. Even though the photo did <i>not</i> show the multirotor hovering over spectators or pilots, to prevent any more confusion, we removed the photo.

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