Mark Rittenger’s Kingcobra

Order plans for Mark Rittenger’s Kingcobra. Relive the excitement of post war racing. Article, plans, instructions, and photos by Mark Rittinger. Online exclusive bonus content from the January 2014 issue.





Type: Semiscale warbird Skill level: Intermediate Wingspan: 57-7/16 inches Length: 49 inches Weight: 4 to 5.8 pounds Construction: Balsa and plywood Finish: Iron-on covering





Model Details

Power system: E-flite Power 32 motor; 60-amp Pro switch-mode ESC (54 amps being pulled static); Castle Creations BEC Retracts: E-flite .25-.46 electric retracts with 90° nose and 85° mains Propeller: APC propeller with Great Planes electric spinner Radio system: Hitec Eclipse 2.4 GHz conversion with Optima 6 receiver Wheels: Dave Brown Lite Flite wheels




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Mark Rittenger’s Kingcobra is a semiscale, electric, 57-7/16-inch-wingspan warbird. The aircraft can be built to hand launch or with retracts. Plans cost $12.00 plus shipping and handling. Please allow at least one to three weeks for delivery within the United States—longer for overseas. All domestic plans are shipped rolled via priority mail. All foreign orders are folded and shipped First Class.





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