The 30cc MXS-Bach

This is a plane that is completely unique to RedwingRC, the 30cc MXS-Bach! The MXS-Bach has the perfect blend of flying characteristics and beauty of the MXSR and SBACH. These planes combined, form a new and versatile airframe that is sure to please the crowd. Tail moment, wing size / shape, and body area have been fused to create a flying experience that is both exciting and gentle when desired! The MXS-Bach has very generous control surfaces to make high energy snap maneuvers a breeze while also being able to slow down for beautiful choreographed sequences. A great feature is the additions of carbon fiber (CF) for strength with little to no effect on weight. The fuselage has been re-enforced with CF stringers while the wings have CF spars and composite retention pins. The stabs have fiberglass on the last formers so they won’t flex in the air or get crushed when bolting them in. These improvements have toughened-up the airframe which is always a good but they also allow you to fly extreme maneuvers with confidence. The MXS-Bach will mate perfectly with a high performance DLE 35RA for an ultimate 3D experience. As with all Redwing planes, this one is built to perfection and comes with high quality accessories such as carbon fiber landing gears, turnbuckle hardware, ball links, fiber glass horns and more! Specifications: Wing span: 1930mm/ 76" Wing area: 1145 sq. inches (wings and stabs measured ONLY) More surface area when considering fuselage All up flying weight: 11 - 12 lbs. Length: 1663mm / 65.5" without Spinner Engine: DLE 30, DLE 35RA or similar, or Equivalent Electric System Recommended Spinner Size: 3" Recommended CG: 5.25" to 5.5" from the LE at the root of the wing Recommended Prop Size: 18x8 to 20x8 --- Recommended Throws: adjust to liking as you fly Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings Rudder: 30 degrees, 20% expo | 40 degrees, 35% expo Ailerons: 30 degrees, 25% expo | 50 degrees, 40% expo Elevator: 40 degrees, 20% expo | 55 degrees, 40% expo
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