The Miss-E

An Easy-To-Build Electric Flyer

Written by Rodeny Helgeland Find the entire feature on page 42 in the May 2011 issue. Read an abridged summary and video relating to the article.

THE MISS-E IS an electric powered redesign of the glow-powered airplane I redesigned and built several years ago. It originally had a an unthrottled .049 engine with a two-channel AM radio controlling the rudder and elevator. Because electric power is much simpler and easier to use for small models, everything I have designed lately has been electric. This past year I started converting some of my old glow aircraft to electric power, including the airplane that led to the Miss-E.
Replacing the Cox engine with an outrunner motor from Hobby Lobby was fairly easy, and the Li-Poly batter and ESC fit nicely into the space that the receiver batter had occupied. The electric version weights almost the same as the glow-powered design, at 18 ounces ready to fly. I used the same servos but replaced the AM radio with a single stick three-channel FM radio.
I redrew the plans to lighten the structure and provide a proper battery compartment with a hatch on top of the nose. With its box-style fuselage, Miss-E is a straightforward build with just enough difference to give the experienced scratch builder a challenge.
Read the entire article on page 42 of the May 2011 issue of Model Aviation including the step-by-step construction process.

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Until the cost of electric goes down further for the .40 size and above, glow will still have a large following. Once you get into 4S or higer cell counts, the cost for both motors, batteries and ESC's skyrockets. I fly both electric and glow and I prefer glow for my larger planes. Now .20 sized and below, I prefer electric since they are cost effective.

That's a cool plane....Good Job! It's awesome to see someone build from scratch/kit. I built the Top Flight Corsair Gold Edition .60 kit last summer. Took me 400 hours and counting. I have videos on my channel.

ok.....i accept that challenge!!! and the smell of nitro has nothing to do with performance....nor the smoke trail!!! glows are on the way out!!! ep is getting better and better!!

Beautiful Plane

Built aileron version - 21 oz. including power system; added power ON-OFF switch,wing struts & steerable tail wheel; omitted wheel pants. Covered entirely with Park Lite film (no painted fuselage). Powered with Rimfire 370 outrunner with Castle Creations Thunderbird 18 BEC and a 3S 1300mAh battery. First flights on Feb.29, 2012. Flew PERFECTLY, with NO trim changes needed. Flight is extremely scale-like; take-offs and landings couldn't be smoother. This is my first electric after 3+ decades of glow, and I really like it!

Looks like a fun build.

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