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Big Yellow Bird Goes Up Like A Home Sick Angel

by Lin Cordray and Burt Gunter Ball Ground GA John Burton Gunter, Col. USA Retired, more commonly known as"Burt" and Lin Cordray often take to the skies. They are both AMA members who fly together with their club "Georgia Model Aviators" located about an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia.

How to Celebrate Your 92nd Birthday

by Charles Mackey, AMA Fellow and Hall of Fame Fallbrook CA Dottie Johnson’s ninety second birthday was celebrated by having lunch with friends who sang Happy Birthday to her.

Propkicker's multi-engined SPAD

by John Althoff Arcadia IL Jacksonville IL See a photo of the multi-engined SPAD and share your thoughts.

Krey picks up the pieces and keeps flying

article by Dennis Dalman of the St. Joseph Newsleader submitted by Al Krey St. Joseph, MN
Al Krey of St. Joseph, Minnesota and his aeromodeling club, the Granite City Radio Flyers, were featured in the St. Joseph Newsleader. Al joked, "When I see a golf course, I don't think about golfing. I think about what a great open space that would be to fly a model airplane."
Read the complete article and share your thoughts.

A Jet Powered Old Timer

article by John Pond submitted by William Kyncy Oroville, CA
A gallon of unleaded gasoline, a Model T Ford spark plug coil, a tractor battery, extra safety equipment, and the inquiring minds of Jim Kyncy and Stan Lane resulted in the first SAM RC plane in the US to fly with a Jet unit in 1995.
Read about the build and flight of the old timer jet.

As Good As It Gets

by Wm.M.Witty Harmony, PA
I'm writing this letter to you to let you know some of what life is like "out here." I belong to the M.A.R.S. club. Our field is located in Harmony, PA. We are on the web at
In the why not model department, I like to build, well anything, and I do have a nice, but small shop. I have built 9 models from plans as well as 18 different hardwood models.


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