Propkicker's multi-engined SPAD

by John Althoff Arcadia IL Jacksonville IL See a photo of the multi-engined SPAD and share your thoughts. Jacksonville, Illinois Propkicker member Robert Hall (right) with his multi-engined Simple Plastic Airplane Design (SPAD). Propkicker President, Brian Ward (left) is the pilot of this beast which made its last flight after several successful sorties at the August 2011 meeting. It never once landed with all engines running. A joy to watch and listen to, though!

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At first I thought - six engines - wow. Then I noticed one on the nose. Seven?!?! Nice aircraft.

This photo is from the Propkickers club field in Jacksonville, IL. I have no idea where the "Arcadia, IL" came from! John Althoff

The correction has been noted. Thank you.

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