The Front Yard Canard

Written and designed by Tim Bailiff Video produced by Brandon and Lindsay Banich Find the entire feature on page 38 in the September 2011 issue. Read an abridged summary as well as video of the aircraft.

CANARDS ARE distinctive airplanes. Unlike most aircraft, the horizontal stabilizer and elevator are mounted in front of the wings. That’s uncommon to see flying today; however, the Wright brothers’ airplane had such a design.

For this project, I used two Revell Super Stratosphere kits to build a single tricycle gear, pusher canard. Utilizing a tiny Spektrum AR6400 DSM2 receiver brick, I kept this little model lightweight, easy to control, and a blast to fly!

My only real problem was what to name it. Flying the airplane in my front yard, I had an epiphany and it came to be called the Front Yard Canard.

You can read more about the build on page 38 in the September 2011 issue of Model Aviation.

Watch a video of this ingenious little airplane fly.

See another of Tim Bailiff's creation in the Summer 2011 Park Pilot issue.

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That is extremely creative. Looking forward to reading the article. Might take a stab at it just for conversation starter on the flight field.

Looking forward to seeing this September feature. Good to see that you cover the big builds (like the Blue Max in July 2011), as well as the simple builds like this one. Keep up the good work.

Ha. Love the idea! Nice change of pace by throwing in a fun project like this.

Well, I guess if it crashes you're only out a few bucks instead of a few grand.

Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! Good Job Dad <3 Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Joe, I already had the revell birds on hand because of the Pond-e flyer. This might be first! Those were REALLY nice multi point rolls in the video! O'K so they were slow motion. Keep em coming Jim

8 pages in the AMA's Model Aviation publication for a FF conversion? Extremely overkill, in my opinion.

It’s only 3 pages! Love the creativity.

Thanks for makeing video. good engneering


After I read the article I wanted to build one but after seeing the video its a done deal. Heading out the door now!!LOL!! THANKS!

looking for a good beginner airplane and the looks like the one.

I really like Tim's creations. I am trying to find the 4-Mation plans he did in park pilot summer 2011. I cannot find my copy of the magazine. the link at the top of the page states "page cannot be found". Anybody have a copy of this issue or know how to contact Tim? [email protected]

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