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Podcast build webinar. We talk you through how to plan and build your next model with foam.

When most pilots think of building a model aircraft, balsa comes to mind. Foam is becoming a very popular building material of choice. Like balsa, foam is very affordable and easy to use. On November 12, 2015 as we talked with Keith Sparks about how to build with foam. Listen to the podcast below.

Recorded Podcast

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What is the best type of glue? I'm guessing hot glue or CA won't work...

I have never worked with foam, looking forward to the class.

There is foam safe CA glue but a bit expensive, Foam-Cure from hobby Haven is good but slow cure time, low temp hot melt glue and epoxy for some applications if covered foam.

Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's. Michaels, they sell low temperature hot melt glue gun. Safe for foam..

I read MA oct 2015 magazine. I enjoy about foam technical I realize to interesting in little F-86 cartoon scale. I try to Localing the plan. Let me know. Also what kind of glue will Suiting the any foam? Thank Michael "Flyer"

What type of foam do I buy? Where do I buy it? Do I buy insulation foam? Do I buy foam from a hobby shop like Micheals? I have no clue what a flat sheet of foam means. Thanks!

Dollar Tree foam boards are 20" x 30" and about 3/16" thick with paper covering on both sides. To bend peel the paper off of the inside of the bend. has tons of info, free plans, build videos ect. Hot glue works good for instant bond, Gorilla glue works good if you can clamp or block.

What type of paint should I use or avoid? Any issues with stickers or decals?

Is there any type of plans for making a Free Flight glider for kids? Can you use a Balsa rubber band powered airplane kit as a template? I have nieces and nephews that would love to make a plane from a sheet of foam.

This can be built as a chuck glider and is easy to build. Check it out...

How do you figure out the size of motor and propeller? Also what type of servos do you use.

It would be great to hear something about how to repair a foamy after a crash. (nose powered glider) Specifically the nose when it affects degree of throw on the engine. No luck here.

How do I wire a three channel Plane ? Throttle Elevator, ailerons and throttle. Or is it Throttle, Elevons and ailirons??

Will this Webinar be available after the live event?

Yes, the podcast will be available for download here on this page. We should have it live within 24 hours of the broadcast if not sooner.

Could you also put the time in ZULU or Greenwich Mean time? (GMT)

The time would be 4pm GMT

It is 20 minutes prior to the start of the event and I have not received notification and sign it instructions.

The event starts November 12, not November 11. There are no sign in instructions. We wanted to simplify this process as much as possible. Simply visit this page on November 12 at 11am EST and click the play button. Enjoy!

I just built the Avro Vulcan and I am Puzzled about the Aileron and Elevator. How do I plug the Two Servos into the reciever so I have Ailerons and Elevator?

You have to use elevon mixing on your transmitter. I plugged the right servo into the receiver aileron channel and the left servo into the receiver elevator channel. I have a Trannis radio. On the transmitter I used N il mix of 50% ail and negative 50% ele. On the elevator mix I used 50% ail and 50% ele. I have to reverse the direction of the servos in the transmitter.

Why remove the paper covering on the 6mm Dollar Tree sheet foam>

Can blue and pink be safely cut with hot wire?

Thanks, I missed the live podcast. I appreciate the video.

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