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A Healing Hobby

Written by Jennifer Orebaugh. Be inspired by three modelers who know no limits. Read three more additional stories in the July 2014 issue of Model Aviation.

XFC 2013

Written by Jennifer Orebaugh. Event coverage of XFC 2013 Read complete coverage in the November 2013 digital edition issue of Model Aviation.

E-flite Edge 540QQ 280BNF Basic

Written by Chris Mulcahy. Add some 3-D excitement to your small-field flying. Read the complete review in the November 2013 issue of Model Aviation magazine.

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Top Gun Invitational 2013

Written by Stan Alexander This Scale competition celebrates 25 years Event coverage As seen in the September 2013 issue of Model Aviation. JOIN NOW to start enjoying the magazine and more AMA member benefits.

Event Footage Highlights

Sal Taibi Fun Fly and Interview

Memorial event draws more than 60 Taibi-designed models Online and tablet app bonus interview with Sal. Photos and article by Kevin Sherman.

March issue available for iPad and Android

February 11, 2013 As many of you have discovered, the March 2013 issue is now live on the Apple App Store. Google Play will release the March app today. We are getting very close to releasing the Kindle app featuring the March issue. The March issue will be released as a free app and should work with all Kindle Fire devices. We anticipate the app will go live early next week if not sooner.

Control Line Stooge

Written by Don Ogren. Digital Exclusive Control Line Feature. Also featured in the February 2013 Model Aviation tablet app.

Before I get into the details of my Stooges, let me walk you through the path that brought about the need for and the importance of a good Stooge.

The essence of a world champion

Read the full complete interview from Gordon Buckland. Abridged article found on page 99 in the January 2013 issue.

Carl Goldberg

Written by Rachelle Haughn As featured in the November 2012 issue of Model Aviation.

About Us Atlanta Hobby

Written by Jay Smith As featured on page 69 in the September 2012 issue of Model Aviation. As featured in the Model Aviation tablet app.